We offer standard and advanced OCT analysis for neurological diagnostic.

Our algorithms combine complex image processing methods with mathematical 3D modeling to create a reliable and precise measurement of 3D retinal structures based on standard OCT images. The core technology (the so-called 3D morphometry) calculates quantifiable parameters to detect the smallest disease-related changes of the retinas' shape.

AQUA: Automatic quality analysis. It enables selection of high-quality OCT images, essential for accurate intra-retinal layer segmentation and quantification of small retinal layer changes, while considerably reducing the effort of manual check.

SAMIRIX: Intraretinal layer segmentation. It enables the measurement of different layer thicknesses. Numerous scientific publications prove the relevance of these measurements in neurological clinical studies.

CuBe: Fovea morphometry. An innovative approach to analyze and model small shape changes of 3D macula volume scans, specific for neuroinflammatory disease.

ONHV: Optic nerve head volume. An innovative algorithm for 3D quantification of occurring changes of the optic nerve head in the form of swelling (in case of inflammation) and atrophy (caused by degeneration).